Tired of tracking logistics on Spreadsheets?

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This is why DataDocks is better than Excel!

Unlike excel spreadsheets, DataDocks is built for logistics teams to improve their performance and communication.

Track Appointment Dates
Access the history of appointments
Customer Support
Web and mobile access
Accessible outside of the office
Always up to date (no different versions)
View multiple locations from one sheet
Reoccurring appointments built in
View what trucks are on the property
Track who made changes
Email notifications
Backed up data
Customers can book own appointments
Track if appointments are late
Track demurrage costs
Different level of access for each user
Safety circle checklist for forklifts
Easy to use

Dock scheduling software helps improve communication and save you money

You've searched the internet endlessly for something designed for you… software that will allow your company to ship and receive more items, increase communication within your team and your customers, without increasing stress levels and overhead costs.

The question is: with all the scheduling software tools in this space, why are they so hard to find, ridiculously expensive and, adding salt to the wound, so complicated to use?

Today, software automation is dominated by enterprise software packages that costs thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars per month, many of whom ask for a six-figure up-front payment before you can even take their tool for a test drive. And for a such a high payment should you really need multiple days of training before you receive some value? When really all you want is a little help organizing and making your logistics department more efficient! And that’s why we built DataDocks…

DataDocks is lightweight supply chain tool that doesn't suck.

Even though there are competitors in this small market, we give you an alternative that gives you the bulk of the value at a fraction of the price.

Adding value at the office, on the road or at home

DataDocks is more than just a platform to book appointments, it is also a valuable external tool that your team can utilize. If you’re tired of having to send out daily emails of your shipping schedule, and updating inefficient spreadsheets in order to keep your team up to date than DataDocks is the right fit for you. Whether you’re at home, at the office, or working off site you can access your calendar 24/7 from any device and location with our software. What does this mean? No more scrambling to answer phone calls, texts and emails to update your logistic information. Instead you can have constant up to date information on what trucks are on our property and the length of each appointment. It’s like having your logistics manager in your back pocket!

Our software is designed to be easy to use and flexible to meet your business needs. Our software will grow with you as your company grows. The software is designed to be used both externally and internally as you see fit. What this means is that if you simply require an internal logistics tool at the moment then DataDocks is for you. What happens in a few months when your company has seen rapid growth and you have multiple trucks per day? Nothing, because you have the power to determine when and if the software goes external. Simply provide your customers with external access and they can book appointments directly in the software. At DataDocks we believe less is more so it really is that simple!

DataDocks allows you to schedule logistics based on your schedule and your customers.

Imagine the ability to track all your previous and current traffic into your company from anywhere in the world.

*Curious how DataDocks applies to your business?

The difference between DataDocks and other dock scheduling software is that our sole purpose, nay our mission, is to make it ridiculously easy (and cost effective) to get started, and we provide you with the best tools, guidance, scheduling, and analytics that you've ever seen in this kind of tool. Hands down. You’ll be scheduling new appointments less than five minutes after starting your free trial.

You don’t have to talk to a salesperson. There are no annual contracts. No learning curve. And no training required.

If you want to automatically have customers book their own appointments with no customer service from your team you should try DataDocks.

If you want to increase your throughput of trucks in a day without changing stress levels or overhead, you should try DataDocks.

If you want to lower or eliminate demurrage and waiting times, by implementing appointment times, use email to inspire your customers and earn their trust, and turn customers into raving fans who bring new business straight to your door, you should try DataDocks.

We've painstakingly studied successful company’s logistics currently doing business with the old method pen and paper/spreadsheets. We have adapted their approaches into online automation blueprints that show you the simple (but crucial) steps that will make this work for you.

In essence, DataDocks’ number one goal is to pull you from the dark ages into the world of online automation of logistics.

Ask yourself: can your current calendar solution track actions your customers take (including future and previous appointments) on the web? Can you use automated calendar appointments that do not require the back and forth of your team members? Give you insight to whether your customers trucks show up on time? How long it takes to load or unload trucks in your docks?

DataDocks does all this, and more.

Don't continue to fumble with clumsy calendars and excel spreadsheets you outgrew years ago.

Experience dock scheduling software built for the next decade, rather than the previous.

We pride ourselves in building hand-crafted, organic software that provides you with an experience unlike any other logistics software you've used. But don’t take our word for it, have a look inside and decide for yourself.


Customers book appointments

Allow your customers the freedom to schedule shipping times that suits their needs, without the aid of your team. Instead of using man hours to track, book, and organize loads in/out of your dock let Data Docks do the heavy lifting

Get rid of paper schedules

Now your team can simply log-on to see what trucks are coming in that day. No having to go into the office to see the schedule. Access the schedule anywhere in the world

Track your logistics teams performance

Data Docks allows you to monitor loading and unloading times for each shipment. See where inefficiencies are and optimize your performance to save money!

Lose those expensive demurrage charges

By implementing booking times and accessible scheduling you will lower your demurrage charges each month.

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About Us

Industry Is Hard These Days, Let Us Save You a Buck

Northfire Inc is the parent company to DataDocks, which was established in 2014.

The team at Northfire boasts an impressive array of experience in the industry. This experience includes: Quality Control Manager, Operations, Logistics, Plant Management, Senior Executive positions to various positions within the tech industry. As a result, we can truly say we has been exposed to every aspect of the industry and as such we was able to identify an area of weakness - a lack of useful and simple software tools.

We have dealt with logistics procedure that were broken and inefficient. We have implemented new systems and procedures that essentially automated the entire logistics process. We saw this was an area of weakness for many companies so decided to take this experience of logistics automation and created a company that now provides tools to companies that need assistance with their supply chain.

  • Save Time

    Lower man hours tracking logistics

  • Eliminate/Lower Demurrage Charges

    By taking control of your dock

  • Dock Performance

    Track employees, materials and dock times

  • Accessible Any Where

    Works on all cell phones, laptops and computers



per month
3 Users
300 Appointments / month
Unlimited Contacts
Up to 5 Docks
Multiple appointments per time slot
Track items shipped and received
Track status of appointments
24/7 access and online appointment scheduling
Track booking times
Track logistics performance
50 Customer & carrier logins
Get DataDocks
per month
10 Users
500 Appointments / month
Unlimited Contacts
Unlimited Docks
Multiple appointments per time slot
Track items shipped and received
Track status of appointments
Custom fields on appointment level
24/7 access and online appointment scheduling
Attach documents to appointments
Track booking times
Track logistics performance
Unlimited customer & carrier logins
View each dock in calendar
Get DataDocks
per month
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Unlimited Contacts
Unlimited Docks
Multiple appointments per time slot
Track items shipped and received
Track status of appointments
Custom fields on appointment level
24/7 access and online appointment scheduling
Attach documents to appointments
Track booking times
Track logistics performance
Customer & carrier portal
View each dock in calendar
Upgraded calendar view
Yard Manager
Custom fields on item level
Automatically set if appointments are late or no shows
Set max number of received items
Quality Control Checklist
Customizable interface
Customizable confirmation emails
Customizable appointment checklist
Custom features available
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